A New Day

With the polls still coming in and my hopes being dashed I went to bed, knowing I would wake up to tragedy. And I did, at 4 am. I cried, my eyes blurring as the image of Donald Trump smeared across the screen. My heart sunk. I read article after article, trying to wrap my mind around what was happening. I lay in bed, tired, worn out, downtrodden, the reality of today dancing in my head, squirming in my stomach, aching in my heart. This man, who embodied hate, is now our 45th President, and America put him there. It’s hard not to scream. Not to tear out my hair. All I could think about was Samuel. This must be how Samuel felt when Israel demanded a king.

“Samuel grieved over Saul. And the Lord regretted that he had made Saul king over Israel.”

So let us grieve and know that this story is not a new story. It has happened before. It is not beyond the Lord.

Even though today is not the day we were hoping for, it is still a new day. A new day to stand for what is right, to honor righteousness, to fight for justice. A new day to speak up for the downtrodden, to serve the poor in spirit, to advocate for those that are seen as lesser, to stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters, to protect the LGBTQ community. A new day to choose, to change, to inspire. A new day to love, to seek peace, to find understanding, and fall to our knees and pray.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee. Hold your head up high. Turn your face towards heaven, for we do not know what these next four years will bring. Though it seems grim, I know the end of the story. Joy comes in the morning. Light triumphs over darkness. Tears will dry up and pain will cease. And hate will be trumped by love.