An Update

Moving complete. Wedding over. Honeymoon finished. Blogger absence finito. Leaving things hanging here at Spirited Life was a conscious decision. Life was moving so fast and I needed to take time to soak it all up, get in those last memories and time with friends before everything changed forever. I let things go dark here for almost three months, which is more like three years in internet time. But it’s time to get back on track. I’ve got some things cooking, a few blog posts have been rolling around in my brain and I’m putting pen to paper. So gear up for a steady stream of posts starting next week.

Here are my goals:

Post at least once a week. More would be nice, but why over extend?

Talk political. Yeah, I’ll be broaching that sphere. Watch out, major opinions over here.

And as always, be a little bit vulnerable and transparent about my life. There’s plenty to talk about, a whole lot to share, and Kingdom work to be done.

If there are any burning topics you’d like me to cover, questions you need answering, or Scripture you’ve been munching on. Lay it on me. I’d love the inspiration.

Until then, see you next week.