Knowing the Sound of God’s Heartbeat

One of the most amazing sounds is hearing the heartbeat of someone you love. It’s thrilling and weird, yet comforting and deeply intimate. We all have heartbeats, the mechanical working of our hearts pumping blood through our system. But the heart is so much more than that. The heartbeat is a sound of comfort, joy, and life. It’s the melody of our inner being. Full of love and passion, it’s the deepest resonance of our souls. There are things that make your heart skip a beat. That make it swell with love. As we experience these things, so too does God and His own heart. 

I remember being a kind and my mother drawing me in close, my ear pressing into her chest, and feeling the thump thump thump of her heart beating. It made me feel safe and it filled me with a sense of security. There’s this strange rushing of realizations all at once when you listen to someone’s heart beating in their chest. It’s how a parent feels when they hear the first tiny heartbeat of their unborn child. It’s what I feel every time I use my dog as a pillow, I can feel it pounding wildly with life and love and desire.

This is the beauty of the heart. It’s life, yes. Actual physical life. The anatomical process of oxygenating blood and circulating it through our bodies. But it’s also where our dreams grow. Where the first seeds of love are planted. Where our passions bloom. Yes, the heart is a wonderful and miraculous thing.

As I want to know the sound of my husband’s heartbeat, and the heartbeat of my beloved friends, I want to know the heartbeat of God. Knowing is more than just hearing or listening to it, knowing takes time, knowing involves intentional intimacy. I want to know the sound of my God’s heartbeat. More than that, I want to know what it beats for. This takes more than just reading the Bible, because we can also “know” someone without really knowing them.

When I was online dating, before I ever met a person or even started a conversation with them, I got to read their profile. And yes, I’m about to compare the Bible to an online dating profile, but bear with me. On paper, a lot of guys seemed like the perfect fit for me. We had similar interests, aspirations, you get the picture. But when we started chatting, that “perfect fit” turned to be incompatible. Then there were other guys whose profile was eh, less than assuring. But when we started talking, they turned out to be way more interesting and cool and dare I say compatible with me than their profile originally let on. And while the Bible is in no way a poorly written dating profile, the Bible transforms once you begin to get to know God intimately.

Scripture should always move and inspire us to seek out God in intentionally intimate ways. Only then will we get to know the sound of the His heartbeat. Then you’ll be able to hear his still soft voice like Samuel, or tap into an intimacy with God like King David did before Jesus, before the Bible was ever complete. King David is the model of a man after God’s own heart, and he did it all under the old covenant and laws. He knew the God of love while others were experiencing his wrath. As scholars and priests were memorizing scripture, David was drawing water directly from the source.

God wants you to know Him, inside and out. He wants you to not only be acquainted with the Word, but He desperately wants you to know the Creator behind Scripture. God wants you to know what makes His heartbeat. He wants you to be deeply acquainted with His heart. And the more we know God’s heart, the more we know the sound of His heart beating, the more our hearts will begin to beat in rhythm with God’s.

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for a wonderfully worded piece and for some peace in extremely stressful times.

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