I Will Not Spell L-O-V-E Like HATE

I Will Not Spell L-O-V-E Like HATE, a Poem

Disarm yourselves,

Put down the gun that you shoot words

That cut through flesh 

that no bullet proof vest can protect.

Dangerous, subversive,

So hateful, in spite of the one you claim to serve,

But you’ve got Him all wrong

That’s not the God I know above.

Quit dragging the rest of us through the mud, 

Quit misrepresenting the one I love

With your lies and abuses

The misuses of the Word,

That propagate division.

For all the hate, all the crime, all the gunshots,

these violent crimes.

If one person, just one, stands up in love, 

Let heaven open up,

And rain down on this world,

Opening our eyes, 

To our victimizing, 

Angels in white, barricading the dead, 

so mourners can shed their tears in peace, 

That’s what the cross was for,

For love to shine bright, in spite of our differences, 

Not for your political agenda,

Your homophobic referendum. 

Love thy Neighbor as yourself–

Where’s that great commandment now?

We’ve failed you all, we’ve failed the world,

When we love ourselves more than they.

I before you, me before we.

We’ve got it all backwards, 

Policing people in the bathrooms,

Praising the mass shooter of a gay nightclub,

Preaching anti-Muslim in your pulpit,

Build a wall between us all,

Divide the whites from the blacks,

The gays from the straights, 

The Christians from the Muslims, 

But I will not conform,

Love is written on the tablet of my heart,

So I will stand apart, 

I will not spell L-O-V-E like HATE,

I will pray with action, 

And on my dying day, know that I served the Lord, 

With all my strength and all my might. 

With love that casts out the dark for light. 

Won’t you join me in this fight?