Live in the Deep End

One of my favorite things to do growing up was swim to the bottom of my grandma’s pool and lie on the floor of the deep end, watching my air bubbles float up to the sunny, glassy surface. Sometimes my heart aches for those days, so full of simplicity where it was always summer and it was all wet hair and wet towels and neon bathing suites and the smell of chlorine and sunblock that left you white, when all I wanted out of life was to be a mermaid. It’s true. You can ask my mother. I wanted to have a fin instead of legs and be Ariel and live in the ocean and have my best friend be a talking fish. Continue reading “Live in the Deep End”

When Doing the Right Thing Sucks

I was jilted at the Goodwill counter. I had in my hands a beautiful mid-century modern side table, teak wood, all original, and the girl in line ahead of me was going to buy it. “Well this is awkward,” she said to me as I stopped behind her, “I’m in line to buy that.” We locked eyes. I had seen her before. She was the same girl who was looking over my shoulder as I was inspecting the table. She must have bolted to the front to try and beat me to the purchase. I looked down at the table and back at her, up at the employee at the register who clearly did not want to get involved in the event that was transpiring. I knew I had to give it up.

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Do One Thing Well

I struggle with the desire to be perfect at everything, to have time to do everything perfectly. Well reality is calling Lizzy, you just can’t do it all. I guess that notion didn’t dawn on me as I sat at the sewing machine last Saturday, trying to madly finish hemming a baby blanket for a friend’s shower that was happening in little less than an hour, remembering that I had agreed to bake something for it too, I started having a domestic melt down. Continue reading “Do One Thing Well”

Rethinking Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

I adore Valentines Day. Surprise! I mean candy & chocolate, big hearts, pink everything, silly-punny-sentimental cards, what more could you want in a holiday? I understand though, that this day can bring a lot of pain, a lot of hurt, to people. I get it. The struggle is real on this corporate holiday. But, maybe, just maybe, we’re missing the point of this star-crossed lovers day. What if, maybe, instead of focusing all of that love directly onto your significant other/spouse/that pint of Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough, we used Valentine’s Day as the one day to intentionally love others? Continue reading “Rethinking Valentine’s Day”

The Price of Privacy

By nature, I’m a pretty private person. I grew up being told everything was on a need to know basis and that everyone was entitled to his or her privacy. Which is great. We all need that boundary. There are things people just don’t need to know. But the truth and reality is, privacy comes at a price, one that you may not realize you’re paying until it’s too late. Continue reading “The Price of Privacy”

The Wedding Ring Paradox

I was sitting next to a woman I had never met before and we were talking about her kid. I found my eyes slide over to her left hand to look for a wedding ring. It wasn’t there. Just a bare finger. I suddenly found myself thinking she was divorced, or had a kid out of wedlock,  judging her situation, her life, her choices. Then in the next breathe, she mentioned her husband. I realized that a wedding band or engagement ring mattered to me. It was a determination of worth and success, of doing things right. So I asked myself the question, “If you’re married and don’t wear a ring, are you really still married?” Continue reading “The Wedding Ring Paradox”

There's Always Time

Life has been crazy recently. Perhaps you can commiserate with me on that. I’m currently working two jobs, and it’s Christmas time, so to say that I’m stressed would be an understatement. Last week, as I looked at my calendar, I realized that I was booked solid until after the New Year. It won’t be until February when I can finally dig myself out of the snowy trenches of holiday parties, weddings, family gatherings, and trips across the state. I bit my lip, thinking about everything I had to do. My laundry was overflowing and I was way behind on all my work. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get things done if I didn’t cut something out.

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3 Reasons It’s Futile To Trust In Money

I’m poor. Please know that it’s by choice, sort of-ish. At one point, I had a great job, on track for a teaching career and God bulldozed that like he tends to do. The thing is, I was working where I was working out of security. I had a beefy paycheck to look forward to every month. I had no budget because I didn’t have to worry about not having money. The more money I had, the more fiscally irresponsible I was. Worse yet, because of that job, I was ignoring my writing and true callings. I was focused on gaining more financial security so I’d never have to worry about money again. I never had to worry about my bills, and it in that security I stopped trusting God and started trusting my paycheck because I felt like I was set.

And God took it all away. Continue reading “3 Reasons It’s Futile To Trust In Money”

The Balancing Act of Life

Lately, I’ve been given a crash course in the art of balancing. It has come out of pain, mounting stress, and letting beloved friends down, which starts the whole cycle over. Balance, though, is something to be sought after. Like perfection, it is never attained. Life is ever changing. There are light seasons where it’s easy to remain stable, but when new things are added, good and bad, either slowly or all at once, you can find yourself fumbling on the wire.

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Marrying Anyone But Not Just Anyone

I sat down for coffee with a friend, our conversation traversed from theology to guys, to relationships, and ultimately to marriage. We commiserated on how difficult it was to be single and dating in your mid-twenties. The frustrations of how our married friends just don’t get it as they look at us like we are stumbling around blindly looking for a partner. Dating isn’t a game of piñata, here people, well sometimes it feels like it is. In a general sense, aren’t we all just going out blindfolded and taking swings at this piñata as crowds of hopeful friends cheer you on, fingers crossed that your baseball bat will make direct contact like Willie Mays to a home run and a shower of stale candy will rain down from this imaginary potential spouse piñata and a diamond ring the size of a ring pop will be in there somewhere?

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