Renewed Vision

At some point over the last year, I fell prey to the comforts of provision, something that is rather tempting to a writer. Unfortunately, writing takes time, and doesn’t make you much money. When you’ve used to living on scraps and pulling together loose change from the couch cushions, a constant income is welcomed. The thing is, while I was prosperous and “making it” as a writer, I found my creative outlets suffering, like my personal projects, aka this blog, and my real writing passions wither. Continue reading “Renewed Vision”

To Blog or Not To Blog

My Mom told me to start this blog, so I did. But believe me, I don’t do everything my mother tells me. If I did, then I’d have three less tattoos and I would have a lot less heartache to gripe about. Such is life.

To be truthful, I shot my mom down pretty quick when she brought up the idea. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a good idea. Tons of people have blogs. People that shouldn’t have blogs have blogs. Even cats have blogs. I didn’t want to become another blogger in the ever growing blogger-sphere, where trollers run wild and unchecked and emotional tact is somehow lost in the foggy web of the internet (if you’ve ever posted an ambiguous social status to elicit attention, you know what I mean).

Yet here I am. Let the irony ensue. Continue reading “To Blog or Not To Blog”