Marriage Isn't a Club

I was scrolling through Instagram and I liked a photo. A good friend had just posted an engagement announcement. I was thrilled. They were great people who would do great things together. Then I scanned the comments, the regular hearts and exclamations of joy– and then I hit a comment that made me cringe. It said, “welcome to the club.” My skin crawled. I had to resist the urge to reply and throw up all over my phone. When did marriage become a club? And if that’s what it is going to be, count me out. Continue reading “Marriage Isn't a Club”

Stepping into Space for Change

About a month ago I was sitting in my community group brainstorming of ways that we could improve our Sunday mornings. The unanimous consensus: we were all feeling discontent with what we were experiencing in service. We felt trapped, stifled, a little dead, like the moment we walked through the doors the very Spirit within us shrunk behind our hearts to hide. It seemed like no one was really praying, no one was really getting prayed over. The message seemed flat and the worship lackluster. We questioned. We vented. We tried to place the blame. We teetered on whining. Then God stopped us and asked us to do something about it and it looked a little something like this:

You want change? Step into the space I’ve created for you. Continue reading “Stepping into Space for Change”

Worship: Stiffer than a Wooden Pew

I had this moment in Church last weekend where I wanted to stand up with hands lifted high and shout words of praise at the top of my lungs. I was that excited. Instead, I sat there squirming in my seat. A miracle had just been shared. Someone had been cured of cancer, healed by our Heavenly Father. And I wanted to go crazy. I wanted to run up and down the isles jumping and skipping and praising our Lord. Instead, everyone just sat there, stone silent and I sat along with them because I was afraid of what people would think of me. I mean you could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet. There was no clapping. No laughter. No hallelujahs being raised. The whole place seemed stiffer than the wooden pews we were sitting in.

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