Knowing the Sound of God’s Heartbeat

One of the most amazing sounds is hearing the heartbeat of someone you love. It’s thrilling and weird, yet comforting and deeply intimate. We all have heartbeats, the mechanical working of our hearts pumping blood through our system. But the heart is so much more than that. The heartbeat is a sound of comfort, joy, and life. It’s the melody of our inner being. Full of love and passion, it’s the deepest resonance of our souls. There are things that make your heart skip a beat. That make it swell with love. As we experience these things, so too does God and His own heart.  Continue reading “Knowing the Sound of God’s Heartbeat”

When You Step Out of God’s Love


My Twitter is exploding. My Facebook is blowing up. So many shares, witty remarks, and thought provoking articles it sends my head spinning. I can’t keep up. I’m drowning in the news, the think pieces, the opinion columns, the fast pace churn-it-out-before-the-idea-goes-cold-and-we-move-on-to-the-next-thing articles. I’m gasping for air, surrounded by words that seem better than mine, more talented than mine. And instead of letting it all wash over me, I’ve let it crush me under its tidal wave of Times New Roman and Helvetica. In the midst of this pounding tide, I’ve been swept out to sea, and I’ve lost sight of the Heavenly Shore.  Continue reading “When You Step Out of God’s Love”

Marrying Anyone But Not Just Anyone

I sat down for coffee with a friend, our conversation traversed from theology to guys, to relationships, and ultimately to marriage. We commiserated on how difficult it was to be single and dating in your mid-twenties. The frustrations of how our married friends just don’t get it as they look at us like we are stumbling around blindly looking for a partner. Dating isn’t a game of piñata, here people, well sometimes it feels like it is. In a general sense, aren’t we all just going out blindfolded and taking swings at this piñata as crowds of hopeful friends cheer you on, fingers crossed that your baseball bat will make direct contact like Willie Mays to a home run and a shower of stale candy will rain down from this imaginary potential spouse piñata and a diamond ring the size of a ring pop will be in there somewhere?

Continue reading “Marrying Anyone But Not Just Anyone”

Stepping into Space for Change

About a month ago I was sitting in my community group brainstorming of ways that we could improve our Sunday mornings. The unanimous consensus: we were all feeling discontent with what we were experiencing in service. We felt trapped, stifled, a little dead, like the moment we walked through the doors the very Spirit within us shrunk behind our hearts to hide. It seemed like no one was really praying, no one was really getting prayed over. The message seemed flat and the worship lackluster. We questioned. We vented. We tried to place the blame. We teetered on whining. Then God stopped us and asked us to do something about it and it looked a little something like this:

You want change? Step into the space I’ve created for you. Continue reading “Stepping into Space for Change”