Knowing the Sound of God’s Heartbeat

One of the most amazing sounds is hearing the heartbeat of someone you love. It’s thrilling and weird, yet comforting and deeply intimate. We all have heartbeats, the mechanical working of our hearts pumping blood through our system. But the heart is so much more than that. The heartbeat is a sound of comfort, joy, and life. It’s the melody of our inner being. Full of love and passion, it’s the deepest resonance of our souls. There are things that make your heart skip a beat. That make it swell with love. As we experience these things, so too does God and His own heart.  Continue reading “Knowing the Sound of God’s Heartbeat”

The Wedding Ring Paradox

I was sitting next to a woman I had never met before and we were talking about her kid. I found my eyes slide over to her left hand to look for a wedding ring. It wasn’t there. Just a bare finger. I suddenly found myself thinking she was divorced, or had a kid out of wedlock,  judging her situation, her life, her choices. Then in the next breathe, she mentioned her husband. I realized that a wedding band or engagement ring mattered to me. It was a determination of worth and success, of doing things right. So I asked myself the question, “If you’re married and don’t wear a ring, are you really still married?” Continue reading “The Wedding Ring Paradox”