Learning to Joyfully Tithe Even When It Hurts Your Wallet

Learning to Joyfully Tithe

“Don’t forget tithing,” my husband said. We were making a new budget. The last check from my most recent writing gig had already been spent. Our savings had taken a hit from taxes. I stared at the numbers I had written on a scrap of paper before me. I let out a sigh as I subtracted 10% of our earnings from the already dwindling total. What we were left with made my stomach churn. How on earth were we supposed to survive? If we didn’t tithe this month, I thought, then we’d be so much more comfortable. We could save some money for the vacation we had already agreed to go on with my parents this summer. We could put a little away to help rebuild our savings. But no, we both knew we needed to tithe. There was no way around it.  Continue reading “Learning to Joyfully Tithe Even When It Hurts Your Wallet”

3 Reasons It’s Futile To Trust In Money

I’m poor. Please know that it’s by choice, sort of-ish. At one point, I had a great job, on track for a teaching career and God bulldozed that like he tends to do. The thing is, I was working where I was working out of security. I had a beefy paycheck to look forward to every month. I had no budget because I didn’t have to worry about not having money. The more money I had, the more fiscally irresponsible I was. Worse yet, because of that job, I was ignoring my writing and true callings. I was focused on gaining more financial security so I’d never have to worry about money again. I never had to worry about my bills, and it in that security I stopped trusting God and started trusting my paycheck because I felt like I was set.

And God took it all away. Continue reading “3 Reasons It’s Futile To Trust In Money”

A Rebuttal to 3 Legit Reasons You Should Marry Young

Marriage is rad, or so I’m told. But do you really need to be married, and married young that is, to experience some good character building life lessons? The author of this article: 3 Legit Reasons You Should Marry Young, seems to think so. And not only that, but you SHOULD get married young, because that’s best. Duh. And is totally within your control. Double duh. And if you’re past what is considered “young,” hey don’t worry, just keep working on yourself for that perfect person. Let’s all just put on the dunce hat together, okay? Now I think it’s clear that I have a lot of beef with this article. I’ve also taken into consideration that it isn’t based on a Christian faith, though there are some indicators that would incline me to believe so. Noted. But I think it’s important to look at this through a single Christian lense and to say why it’s okay to not feel this way and to disagree and talk about it.

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